Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reviving the Old Blog

It has been almost a year since I've done a post. Much has changed.

In the past 11 months:

  • I went from 35 miles to 2.5 miles from work. Now I drive 0 minutes a week for work.
  • My ol' faithful car failed smog. We decided to retire it in state retirement. They gave us $1k for him.
  • We save $42/month on car insurance due to only having 1 car, and $175/month on gas. We also save about $80/yr on registration.
  • I now bike to work. It is glorious. More on this later.
  • Wife and I are now debt free! We sold the fifth wheel that we were living in, paid back a personal loan, a hospital bill, and my student debts. It was about $50k in all! 
  • The mower given to us wouldn't work (Googling it suggested it was not an easy fix). Dear wife and I bought a reel mower (more details on how this is going coming up).
  • We invested in a chest freezer (more on this too)
  • I am about to go from saving the company mandatory 8%, to about 35% through retirement contributions and house savings.
  • Contributing the above amount to retirement savings will reduce my tax bill about $1600.
  • Wife and I are becoming more Tightwad Gazette and Mr Money Mustache oriented.
  • Wife is now a crocheting machine!
I am looking to use this blog to record the new things wife and I try, and our journey for becoming satisfied through a simple self sufficient life.

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