Friday, February 26, 2016

Mr. Money Mustache. A Gold Mine

For the few people who do not access this blog from Mr. Money Mustache (MMM), this website is a goldmine. It is written by a man who retired at age 32 by saving 75% of his income for 10 years, if memory serves me. He documents the way he lives a simple life using a bicycle instead of a car when possible, enjoying Vanguard's funds, saving money, and abandoning the rat race. Here is a good starting point for the blog.

This is a source of sanity for me. For years I have felt like the insane minority questioning the decisions of others. Why does such and such Jones buy something expensive to top such and such Jones. Why am I surrounded by people wielding fancy phones eager to trade them in as soon as possible. The same goes with fancy trucks and SUVs for commuters. I see armies of Starbucks cups, people depressed about their jobs but still spending every dollar of every paycheck and wondering why retirement is so far away.

People wonder why I often don't eat out at restaurants,why our only car is over 15 years old, why I ride a bicycle to work, why I  have Netflix instead of cable, why I am ditching my fancy phone and plan for a cheaper one, why I discuss purchases with the wife, why we keep a budget, why my kid won't have fancy Apple products to play with before puberty, why we mostly have free furniture, and so much more.

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