Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bicycling Has Changed Me

A nice bicycle image.
Earlier I mentioned that I went from commuting 35 miles (70 round trip) a day, to bicycling 2.5 miles (5 round trip) a day. The change has been amazing. I am less tense, more fit and less cranky. Exercising every weekday has been very good to me. Just as a heads up, I'm not some macho guy who can immediately do anything. I had to work my way up to commuting by bike 5 days a week and bum rides when I'm sick enough to work. It took about a month or so to work up biking 5 days a week.

Not me! I wear no spandex!
About my everyday commute:

  • I breathe fresh air for 30-40 minutes a day. My bike is a cruiser so my average speed is probably 10-15mph, unlike the speed demons on road bikes.
  • I ride on suburban quietish streets with plenty of stop signs
  • I'm about to graduate to riding in real rain. I've rode in mist and drizzle
  • Garbage cans are positioned by Satan. Seriously. Some people make it so I have to cut into the road cause they had to put the can between the road line and where the sidewalk should be. Don't be that guy.
  • I'm learning how to bike more safely. Right now I slow down at stop signs and make sure no one is around before proceeding (really, this is more of a yield). I have been bad lately and need to more consistently downshift so if someone is there but unexpectedly crossing my path, I can stop in time.
  • Where I work, they let me take my bike inside. Otherwise I would rely on my U lock.
  • People either admire me or think I'm bonkers but pretend to admire me. 
    Bicyclists need to be careful too!

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