Saturday, March 19, 2016

When Is More Incorrect?

My plan isn't as cool as this baby. But it is a good plan.
Today, I was pedaling to work and had an interesting experience. I was about to cross a stoplight but it turned yellow and I needed to stop. I squeezed the brake, but it gave away. I repeatedly attempted to squeeze it, but no luck. I squeeze my other brake and it prevailed. Naturally, I needed to back up out of the intersection.

Due to purchasing the 3 year package at the bike shop, this caused me to go back*. While in the bike shop, I noticed that there were beautiful, low weight, narrower bicycles. Speedometers, bells, etc. The other guy changing his tire even had a handle bar camera. I felt a burning temptation to ask what the next step was to my sexy but not highly efficient bicycle. I imagined myself pedaling a lighter bike, going faster, sweating less...and then the vision stopped.

Did I really need a new bicycle? Need? No. Want? You bet! What about in the future? What is stopping me from looking at a replacement bicycle in the future? My plan is to use the bike for 3 years and then do an analysis to determine how the parts are doing. That plan isn't as sexy, but who am I trying to impress? Sometimes, more is not necessary.

*Disclaimer: I rarely get extended warranties or service packages. I get unlimited service for 3 years and wanted to have confidence in my commuting bicycle.

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