Monday, January 12, 2015

Not Keeping Up With The Jones's

Money does not solve everything
Tonight, my wife asked me what this blog was for. It is about enjoying a full and rich life instead of distractions. Abandoning the pursuit of wealth is a bit like calling yourself off of a race you cannot win. There is always someone richer than you, and if you are the richest guy in town, often you have sacrificed the people and relatives in your life.

What is better to maintain, everything you need or everything you want? Sure, it would be cool to own a fleet of cars, but the upkeep on them would take much of your time. You could hire someone to take care of them, but then you would probably worry about that guy scratching one, or stealing your bank account info from his paycheck.

What if...and just entertain this, you had what you needed, but did not have to worry about more than that? What if you keep your worrying at a minimum and focus where you are at, in the correct time?

I know some people of the Jones descent who don't worry. They are like wealthy people, minus the wealth, and are relying on credit. The problem with borrowing from the future is that eventually the future comes, and you must pay.

The old friend
In many modern-day Jones family's, both parents work full time and the kids go to school and come home to a nanny. The kids miss out on genetic role models, while the parents roll the dice on a school and nanny. The parents may be very successful at their jobs, but the family portion of their life is incomplete. As the kids and parents age, it is a bit like seeing an old friend that you have a hard time relating to. Simply starting a conversation is difficult, and can quickly become an awkward argument.

A rich life that I picture is one where one parent works and the other chooses what to do with their free time. Maybe they work part of the time or volunteer, but the second parent is physically around the children for most of their life. Work is important. Family is important too. Neither should be ignored. However, I believe that worrying about money is unimportant.

If you are able to get to a state where you have a budget and know what you are working toward, then you can eliminate one of the most common causes of stress and divorce. That is simple living. That is what I want. I believe that part of you wants to exit the rat race, figure out what truly is important in your life, and pursue that instead of wasting time.

Why would I trade time with Emma
for worrying about stuff?
Living rich is to have more of what is important, like having more time, making deep relationships, having few things to worry about and making great memories. That is the life I want. Not the life of the Jones's where possessions are the sum of success. I would rather take pictures of my Emma and Grace, than worry about purchasing the latest boat, phone or any other false promise of happiness.

Please note that I do not believe all purchases are wasteful as many things in life are needed.

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