Sunday, January 18, 2015

Babysitting. It Rocks

Today was a nice day. The wife and I celebrated our anniversary today. We went to P.F. Chang's today. How did we afford this extravagance while the RV is in the shop and we are living in a multi-family house with the in-laws? Well, my parents gave us a gift certificate and watched the baby Emma. Emma's great grandpa also saw Emma. Bless their hearts.

We went to the restaurant, and experienced what it is like to date like single people. It was lovely. I love my wife and understand how people have a hard time staying in love. My kid is amazing, and I developed a love for her I had no idea that I had. My wife is amazing too though, and I want to keep her loved.

After P.F. Chang's, we went to Barnes and Noble. This is something we used to do a lot while dating. It's a relaxed environment with a great selection of books. My wife looked up some books to help spice up our intimate life, and I looked up a couple books to help me know what I am supposed to do for blogging. They also had some very interesting games. Most of what we saw was not the best of deals especially considering used books. We did buy a few books there that were decently priced to help the local community and a few books online after the fact to help keep the budget in check.

This brings me to the heart of Simple Living. We don't need to make our lives complicated to help it feel better. The groundwork is good. I love Grace. I love Emma. I love my job. I love the challenges life throws at us. Simple Living means that I stop keeping up with the Jones's and enjoy everything.

My wife and I tell ourselves we are very independent...although I think co-dependence is a better description. I am totally guilty of over-burdening myself and the wife in the name of perceiving ourselves as independent.

So, what do I take away from this? More babysitting, more relaxing, and less stressing over the uncontrollable things in life!

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