Sunday, February 26, 2017

Two Steps Forward and Then Falling Backwards

Why graph, why!?
Sometimes I don't set goals in my personal life because I am too discouraged. End of 2015 Asay family had a sunny outlook, bravely going into the future. Beginning of 2017 Asay family is still recovering from 2016 (not going to complain about that, read the other blog post). If I'm honest with myself I am going to work very hard to get back to where I was at in 2015. Hopefully the 3 years will average to a flat line. Pretty discouraging stuff!

But the alternative is to not set goals at all and to bob around like a pool floaty hoping not to get sucked up by a pool vacuum. Not everything in life is financial. Our family is fortunate enough to mortgage (someday fully own) a house. The life quality of that has greatly improved. We planted our avocado trees into the ground. One is doing good, the other has about five brown leafs on it and may not make it to summer. That's a bit of a shame since it would produce the most consistently throughout the year. I'll most likely need to replace it during summer.

My kiddo has been a trooper and has already learned that possessions are temporary. Unfortunately, that makes her a bit more clingy than the average child. Our family has grown much closer to each other, but wary of circumstances. My faith in people's kindness has never been stronger. I'm still drawing in the courage to try new and old things.

Moral? Uhhh, check back another time? This post is shouting to the internet about how things are going. This is definitely another season of learning to say "no" a lot and being thankful when a "yes" is possible. For example, we live farther from my job right now so 2 cars would be very ideal. I have been researching a car purchase. I am thinking in the $4-$5k range. I've browsed Craigslist for Versa's, Yaris', Crown Vic's, etc. and the conclusion is, I still have insufficient funds. By the time we have enough $, it will probably be towards the end of the year. So...going to have to wait and say "no" to a lot of other things. But that is life. I'm just trying to be glad to be alive without becoming a worse iteration of myself.

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