Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Easter?

Why do American holidays often encourage greed? Christmas, whether you believe in God or not, is about Jesus coming down from heaven to earth to later sacrifice everything for all of mankind. So, where is the disconnect? Advertising says Christmas is about possessions filling an empty life. TV shows says Christmas is about finding a partner to fill the emptiness felt by lonely people (among other things. It is interesting to see how television handles Holidays as it can vary greatly). The local radio stations are about conning Santa into giving more gifts, or Christmas tunes lacking virtue to avoid offending others. Since when did America's liberty deny people the rite to express what they believe? To borrow from media I've listened to, it is useful knowing what people believe by what they say no matter how offensive it is. If someone believes black people are evil, I'd rather know about it from what they say (to distance myself from such prejudice), then not know.

I'm not an altruist. I don't believe that is an end, or even an always good means (selfish people can do good things that reflect their selfishness, rather than helping people in need. It's like the missionary friends you may have that are more interested in posting pictures about holding minority babies than quietly devoting time and effort to help others. Knowing that God is their reward should be more important than recognition). The older I've gotten, the less idealistic I am. One day I will sit on a floating rocking chair complaining about the gentle hum it produces and how wooden rocking chairs were far superior.

For now, what is the non-tainting truth that will help my child grow, love, respect and pursue the important things in life? I can't control Emma. If I give her good principles and truth, she has a greater chance of growing into a respectable adult. This needs to be balanced with memory creating fun and adventure. I'll tell her to express herself so people know who she is and she doesn't pretend to be someone she isn't.

What will I tell Emma about Christmas and Easter? Christmas and Easter was originally celebrated by pagans and is now a central Holiday about the Jew named Jesus that some people believe is God who sacrificed everything to save humanity from separation from God. Today many people are more interested in exchanging impressive gifts, singing seemingly humble songs, and making themselves look good then following a sacrificial model. A polished turd is still a turd. Okay, maybe I won't include the last part...

Finally, I'd like to tell her to be careful with want. Maybe showing an example about how people do bad things because of greed. I volunteered at a yearly company egg-hunt with my wife from a nearby restaurant that contained prizes inside the eggs. 1-2 of the prizes was a year of free food from the restaurant. Let me tell you, it got ugly. Parents would come up complaining that their kid didn't get eggs (despite a full basket), parents would shove small kids picking up eggs to snatch them up, and kids would come to us crying because of this. It was insane to watch hundreds of eggs snatched up as fast as humanly possible. When I was a kid, I remember being bad at egg hunts. I was bad enough that parents and other kids felt bad for me and pointed to eggs for me.

Isn't the point of Holidays to celebrate the finer virtues of life by modeling them in front of skeptical family? When did greed become a priority that superseded this? I've lived with just a backpack on my back relying on the kindness of others...matter is a fleeting thing. If I didn't get an excellent prize, maybe someone needed it more than me. Before I had no where to live, I won a sweater at a contest. This sweater became one of my most prized possessions because it kept me warm on cold nights inside lobbies, etc.

Since when did Holidays become the celebration of vice? I don't know, but I think changing that starts at my own household. Thanks for reading this.

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