Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ignoring Alternatives

"You can find anything on the Internet, if you try hard enough" so says Kyle from Last Man Standing. I think it works the same in the regular world. This is how people often operate. I am drawn to people I agree with and don't give the time of day to listen to people I disagree with. The possibility of being wrong makes me uncomfortable. When I was young, Republicans were good and Democrats were bad. Kind of like in Star Wars where the was the light and dark sides. Growing up, life has taught me that things are more complicated than that. Good and bad people are in all cultures and sects. It isn't like Lord of the Rings where Goblins and Orcs are universally bad.

Sometimes I internalize my thoughts without giving people the opportunity to state why they think what they do. This makes me narrow minded, rejecting ideas that make me uncomfortable.

When I at one time managed people, I quickly discovered I had to listen to employees who had different experiences and ideas. It was mentally exhausting to work out every detail without help.

What I'm saying is to leave yourself the freedom of being who you want to be by at least listening to other people and cherry-picking aspects and ideas you like, while entertaining things you don't like. Be brave. Many great ideas make you uncomfortable.

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