Sunday, December 28, 2014

Background Info

Home, sweet home
Our family lives in a 39' fifth wheel. For those that don't know, a fifth wheel is like an RV minus the engine. Here is a picture of our home.

The reason we live in a fifth wheel is simple. When our only child Emma was born, my wife and I lived in a nice apartment for $875 + utilities. Considering that neither my wife and I had high paying jobs, and moving to an apartment with another bedroom would cost an additional $150, we sought out a less typical solution.

We could have returned to our previous living quarters at Rather Shadyville and continue paying $875 for an extra bedroom. Another option though was to buy an RV style vehicle and live near my wife's parents. We did not have a down for a house and did not want to risk the housing market with a 30 year commitment. What caused us to finance a new fifth wheel is that the monthly payment was less than $500. My wife and I could not find a less expensive solution with two bedrooms. That saved money went to raising Emma.

How my acquaintances see me
Socially, my acquaintances believe I don't understand how the world works. I think they are right. My American Dream is different than the typical expensive house, new cars, dogs, etc. Someday we may purchase a house. However, being debt free is more important to us. Unfortunately, we have student debt, hospital debt, and fifth wheel debt to pay off. Fortunately, we are paying the debt off each month beyond the minimum payment.

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